Q: Where is the pick up location?

A: In the south Osborne area of Winnipeg.

Q: When can I pick up my order?

A: Once your order has been prepared and is ready for pick up, you will receive an email with pick up details including location. You will be asked to provide a time frame when you will pick up and this time frame has to be confirmed before you come. We appreciate your co-operation and understanding with this pick up arrangement. Orders are generally ready within 1-7 days of order placement.

Q: What markets/pop ups can I find Prairie Potions at?

A: Please see the "Upcoming Markets" page on this website or follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for market/pop up info.

Q: Do you wholesale your products?

A: Yes! We offer wholesale pricing on most of our products for retailers, as well as subscription boxes, swag bags, goodie bags etc. Please send wholesale pricing requests to hello@prairiepotions.ca. We would love to partner with you.

Q: How much is delivery/shipping?


Spend $69 plus = FREE* DELIVERY

Spend $0-$68.99 = $8 delivery fee

Orders to Manitoba Addresses outside of Winnipeg:

Spend $99 plus = FREE* SHIPPING

Spend $0-$98.99 = $13 flat rate shipping fee

Orders to Canadian addresses outside of Manitoba:

Spend $149 plus = FREE* SHIPPING

Spend $0-$148.99 = $19 flat rate shipping fee

*We cover the delivery/shipping fees*

Q: Can you provide a prize for our wedding social?

A: No. We do however, consider charitable donation requests such as products for fundraising raffles etc. Please send official charitable donation requests to hello@prairiepotions.ca for consideration.

Q: Is there a "best before" date" on your products?

A: While there is no specific “best before” date, most products will last 8-12 months under ideal conditions, with many lasting much longer. While some of our products contain natural preservatives + antioxidants to ensure product quality, it's still best to use, handle + store your products accordingly as to protect the quality + prevent premature deterioration: seal containers between use, store your products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight + humidity, do not mix products with tap water or contact them with unwashed hands as this may lead to bacterial growth. Please use normal precautions while considering any allergies or sensitivities to ingredients our products may contain.